Extract First n Lines

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The Head Text Lines is a simple yet powerful tool that allows you to extract the first 'n' lines of a given text. Whether you're working with a large document, log file, or any other type of text-based data, this tool can help you quickly get a preview of its content. Simply enter the text into the input field, specify the number of lines you want to extract, and hit the "Extract" button. In no time, you'll have a shortened version of the original text that's easy to read and understand.



This tool can be especially useful when you need to quickly evaluate a large document or log file without having to scroll through hundreds or thousands of lines. By only displaying the first few lines, you can quickly determine if the document is relevant to your needs, and if so, you can continue reading the full text. Additionally, you can use this tool to extract a portion of the text for further analysis or manipulation. Simply enter the number of lines you need and you're ready to go!

The Head Text Lines tool is fast, efficient, and user-friendly. No need to install any software or plugins - simply use your web browser and you're ready to extract text lines with ease. Whether you're a student, researcher, data analyst, or anyone else who needs to work with text-based data, this tool is the perfect solution for quickly and easily extracting the first 'n' lines of any text. Try it out today!