How do you set Local Printer Settings if user is on the Internet

I am evaluating the WDK 2.0 version and can't seem to understand how to 
configure the client pc's printer to work if they are connected to us via 
the Internet connection.

I need to know how to configure the Client to print on his local printer, 
who is connected via the internet.

Dan Bailes
11/16/2000 6:14:11 PM
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I attempted to add the shared resouces drive letter on the client. Ran the 
application and attempted to print. Still getting need to setup default 
printer error message which I do have a default printer already setup.
11/16/2000 6:18:16 PM
Check that the server has an Admin id setup for "WDKPrintAdmin" (blank 
Rob Stonefield
12/22/2000 4:37:22 PM

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