HTML Generator generates different code in PB 11

We are in process of migration an web application (Jaguar
5.2 + Powerbuilder 9 to Jaguar 5.5 + PowerBuilder 11.5.1). I
have run a simple test by generation HTML for a datawindow
and noticed following problem:


<INPUT TYPE="text" NAME="test_0" SIZE=9 VALUE="test"
CLASS=htmldw9D TABINDEX=1 STYLE="position:absolute;
left:0.105in; top:0.010in; width:0.624in" onFocus=

<INPUT TYPE="text" NAME="test_0"  SIZE=9 VALUE="test"
CLASS=htmldw27 TABINDEX=1 STYLE="position:absolute;
left:0.085in; top:0.000in; width:0.624in; height:0.146in"

They look pretty much the same, but as you probably noticed
the top and left coordinates are different by 0.01 inch and
in additional in PB11 the new property height was added.
Furthermore, the height value DOES NOT reflect the height of
the element in the DataWindow painter, it is less.

So, right now my screen is looking ugly because all edit
elements are looking smaller the it used to be.

Any idea how to fix it?
4/7/2010 4:27:52 PM
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