Multiple NICS - Multiple Listeners

We are deploying  some new hardware for a relatively busy site.  In a
Sun e450 I have 4GB of RAM and 8 100mbit ethernet ports (two quad-port

It has been suggested that we can trunc several of the ports (at the OS
level) and run one listener on the primary network and one listener on
the back network (perhaps 6 ports primary and 2 backup).  That will give
me a realatively high bandwidth connection but only one network

The back network will be used for replication to a warm-standby and for
dumps, maintenance batches, etc.  I am not as worried about it's
performance other than to isolate that traffic from the web servers'

My question is, are there spinlocks or other resources that would be
better used if there were multiple listeners or should we save the
memory and overhead and just run one 6-port interface.  There could be a
middle ground by truncing 2 groups of 3 or something like that.


Mark Gendein

8/22/2000 12:17:56 PM
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