Replication ASE - ASE with SQL Remote


How can i replicate data between 2 ASE servers using SQL Remote, because
when i use ssxtract it extracts a anywhere database .db.

other question is i wanto replicate data via email, is microsoft exchage
server enough for this or i'll need other mail server.

thanks in advance


6/11/1999 8:14:06 PM
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jmcd wrote in message <>...
>How can i replicate data between 2 ASE servers using SQL Remote, because
>when i use ssxtract it extracts a anywhere database .db.

I try this type of replication. In documentation i didn`t  find  how to tune
I export and synchronize all replicated tables manually and manage
Publisher`s and Remoteuser`s  also manually, When i start replication it
work some time. But replication dosn`t work stability, some time latter i
copy "Changes alredy accepted" at one side of DBremote and "Transaction log
offset not matches" in other side of replication. I try whis numeric of
times and always replication selfdestroys.
I think is not supported replication beetween two ASE with SQL Remote.
Sorry for bad english. Andy.

7/19/1999 2:34:17 PM

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