Error with ODBC Connection

I got an error when I tried to attach a sybase table in Access 2.0. The 
error message is:

[INTERSOLV][ODBC SQL Server Driver]Allocation of a Sybase Open Client 
Context failed. Sybase normally generates a SYBINIT.ERR file containing 
more specific reasons for failing.

The SYBINIT.ERR file in the \ACCESS20\ directory is empty, however. I'm 
using Sybase 10 ODBC.

Please help!

8/7/2000 9:16:03 PM
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The problem you're expiriencing is the lack of environment variables for 
your OC.

You have to set up in your station the following variables:


That's all. Your ODBC was not able to find the context of the OC.
BTW, do you have the OC installed????
8/10/2000 5:47:55 PM
Thank you, Sebastian! We had a wrong version of Sybase OC installed. I 
fixed the problem by re-installing the right version of OC.

8/11/2000 1:58:26 PM

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