UltraLite ORM support in .NET windows mobile application


Does anybody know how to do Object Relational Mapping (ORM)
with UltraLite in a C# .NET windows mobile application? Any
example would be greatly appreciated.

John Daley
7/2/2010 4:19:21 PM
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I wasn't able to find any ORM tools while working with
Ultralite.  I tried  NHibernate and ADO.NET, but they
didn;'t work under .NET Compact Framework ... ended up using
ULConnection to do SQL queries.

> Hi,
> Does anybody know how to do Object Relational Mapping
> (ORM) with UltraLite in a C# .NET windows mobile
> application? Any example would be greatly appreciated.
> John Daley
7/7/2010 9:52:49 PM

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