SQL remote replication stops


I have a problem with SQL Remote replications via FILE (the same with
another message types).


dbtran and dblog are not showing any errors. there is no gap/space in log

Remote site is only getting messages from consolidated, but nothing sending
to consolidated. When dbremote starts, it shows correct start of transaction
log, starting scan and finishing without any outcoming message.

Seems like dbremote is not scaning log or checking bad offsets.
I. 10/27 15:57:03. Transaction log "c:\test\03101600.LOG" starts at offset
I. 10/27 15:57:03. Processing transactions from transaction log
I. 10/27 15:57:04. Execution completed

what to do?

Thank you

10/28/2003 2:30:01 PM
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Hi, everybody! Does anyone know, how replication messages (sent via e-mail) are secured? What kind of encoding algorithm is used? Is it safe? Is it dificult to decode messages? Thanks, Tomek The messages are encoded, but not encrypted. The encoding is meant to stop casual viewers from reading the data in your messages, but is no intended to stop serious hackers. If security is a concern, you can always write your own encoding dll. Check out the following section of the manual : Replication and Synchronization Guide PART 3. SQL Remote CHAPTER 18. SQL Remote...

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can I run sql remote and replication enterprise on the same machine? My system has 3 units ASA --- ASE --- ASE so the middle one need to replicate with ASA and ASE on the same machine. In order to have SSRemote and the Rep Agent for ASE run on the same database you must use SSQueue. This was available in a 5.5.04 EBF, which also means you must be at least at 5.5.04 of SSRemote. Please contact technical support and ask for an EBF for 5.5.04, including SSQueue. -- David Fishburn Sybase Please post only to the news group. Songrit Leemakdej wrote in message ... >can...

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