Creating a custom migration process for SQL Remote databases / handling of SQL Remote tables

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I would like to invite you have a look at one more SQL Remote-related 
question on the SQLA website (particularly, as I have asked them:)

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The documentation for ASA 9 states Software upgrades can be one site at a time Older Message Agents can exchange messages with Version 9 Message Agents as long as the COMPRESSION database option is set to a value of -1 (minus one). There is no need to upgrade software throughout the installation simultaneously. Does the COMPRESSION value need to be 1 at the consolidated only, or at the consolidated and the remotes? <Tom Iarusso> wrote: > The documentation for ASA 9 states > > Software upgrades can be one site at a time Older Message > Agents can excha...

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upgrade ASE database with SQL remote replication
The SQL remote replication is between ASE and ASA database. Does the secondary truncation point need to set 'ignore' before the ASE database is upgraded ? Thanks Yes, correct. You do need to ignore the secondary truncation point with dbcc settrunc( 'ltm', ignore') in the ASE database before upgrading. Of course your log should be totally drained using ssremote -i, before doing that. After successfully upgrading you have to set that back to 'valid' "liy" <> wrote in message news:%23r8X8U8SDHA.3...

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SQL Database user account access remotely via SQL Management studio express
Hi, I hope you can help.I have configured a Windows 2003 web server and SQL 2005 Server (on same box) to successfully allow remote connections and to allow access via SQL Server Management Studio Express 2005.The problem I have is that I want to restrict access to the databases on the server via the Management Studio to specific databases e.g. 1 database user "sees" only 1 database.I can configure it so that the user's remote  access permissions do not allow access to other databases but they can still "see" the database listed in the Management Studio explorer.I...

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Aspnet_regsql.exe to create Membership Tables in a remote SQL Server
 Is it possible to create the membership tables on a remote SQL Server using the Aspnet_regsql.exe utility?Thanks  Yes, it prompts you where you would like to setup the tables. When prompted for the server, just put in the remote servers address and credentials. Here is a walkthrough I found using MSN.

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