What are the differents in terms of configuring SQL Remote Between ASA to
ASE and ASE To ASE ?

12/21/1999 9:48:26 AM
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You should start with the Help file and then ask specific questions:

 Data Replication with SQL Remote
   PART 5. Appendix
APPENDIX A. Enterprise and Anywhere: Differences

There are many differences, so begin there.

David Fishburn
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BH Ong <> wrote in message
> What are the differents in terms of configuring SQL Remote Between ASA to
> ASE and ASE To ASE ?

12/30/1999 8:54:48 PM

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Is is possible with ASA to get real Replication in Real time between multiple ASA Database on Multiple Machines If so where can I get a good reference on how to set this up... TIA Jeff I've set up an ASA consolidated database replicating every two seconds to two ASA remote databases with a new record being added to each remote and the consolidated every second using the FILE based replication system. As long as you're using ASA602 or above (you MUST be running dbremote in continuous mode and be able to make use of hover mode), SQL Remote may be able to do what you w...

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The new database is added to the replication system but all tables on the RDB are empty. Setreptable is on and there's no uncommitted transaction. It is using default action class and there's no loss detection. Queue is caught up. We turned on "dsi_buf_dump" and it shows on the error log that the transaction executed on the PDB is replicated. However, the table is again empty on the RDB. Log is not full on both RDB and RSSD. Maint user is dbo. What else can I take a look at? PDS and RDS is, RS is 11.0.3 I don't remember since what version warm ...

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From your manual Adaptive Server, 1997, replication, I did the tutorial starting from page 40. I did the replication on page 92. However, on page 93 at the field end I got the data for both rep1 AND rep2. The manual says that I should get only rep1 as per my subscription on page 77/78 What am I doing wrong? Thanks, Oded Szpiro Can you post the the publication you created. Post the subscriptions you created. -- David Fishburn Certified SQL Anywhere Associate Sybase - iAnywhere Solutions Professional Services Please only post to the newsgroup ...

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Hi all, I have problem on using the ASA Replication Agent. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks. I have installed SQL Anywhere 10.0.1 build 3559, and the Replication Agent Version I have tried the Tutorial of Replicate data using Replication Server of page 937 to page 945 of the System Admin Guide of ASA 10 (dbdaen10.pdf). When I try to start the LTM with the following command dbltm -S PRIMELTM -C primeltm.cfg The following error with Invalid user ID or password of dbmaint occurs (in DBLTM.log). Based on the tutorial we kept dbmaint ID and password the s...

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Can I Replicate ASA?
When a person buys a copy of ASA 6 or 7, does he get everything he needs to setup replication between tables within 2 databases. Remote replication would not be involved and the 2 databases would actually run on the same box. In reading the documentation, I get the feeling that I need to purchase the replication server but can't find references to a replication server for ASA on the website... Thanks, Cory Johnson Rave Software Inc. ---== Posted via the PFCGuide Web Newsreader ==--- No problem. Use dbremote. Cory Johnso...

ASA 9 replication
I have a situation involving a head office and several branch offices, and replication of some data. Head office makes changes to several tables in the database, and those changes need to be propagated to the branches. Not all branches get all changes however - head office needs to be able to control which updates each branch gets. Branches can also choose not to accept some of the changes also. We have tried using select...output... to create data files that can be used to transfer the data, then load table... to effect the update. The problem occurs with tables that have tex...

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if I have an UTF8 ASA database which is involved in replication with an ASE 12.5.3 database, since ASE's varchar is not multibyte, which ASE datatype would better fit with an ASA varchar field? nvarchar or univarchar or what else? Thanks -- Michele Mazzucco W�rth Phoenix S.r.l. ...

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