Starting ISQL from command line

I would like to start ISQL (for win95) from a 'run' command line and to
automatically connect to a specified database and then run a specified *.SQL
file. What would this command line look like ?
I know it starts as c:\sqlany50\win32\isql.exe but then I am lost.

Thanks in advance

10/27/1997 12:26:15 AM
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c:\sqlany50\win32\isql -c
"UID=<user>;PWD=<password>;ENG=<server>;DBN=<database>" read script.sql

Frank <> wrote in article
> I would like to start ISQL (for win95) from a 'run' command line and to
> automatically connect to a specified database and then run a specified
> file. What would this command line look like ?
> I know it starts as c:\sqlany50\win32\isql.exe but then I am lost.
> Thanks in advance
> -Frank
10/27/1997 1:26:01 AM

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