SQL Central won't start

SQL Central/Sybase Central won't start. I can try either short-cut to
two different copies of scview.exe (one installed by SQL Anywhere and
the other by Adaptive Server) and neither can successfully start. They
do not report any dialog box error when started from a shortcut and they
do not report any command line error when started from the command line.
I've searched my entire machine to make sure that there isn't some other
copy of scview.exe and have also used complete paths when trying to
start them from the command line.

I've tried running the Dependency Walker depends.exe from Microsoft on
scview.exe and it can find all the dlls that it thinks scview.exe needs.
However, none of the listed dlls is one from the sybtools directories
listed below.

Running NT4 Workstation with SP3. Have installed:
   Sybase Adaptive Server 11.5 for NT
   Power Designer (not sure if it is relevant or not)
   SQL Anywhere 5.0

I installed SQL Anywhere v5.0 last, then applied the v5.5.04 patches. It
is my understanding that it is okay to apply the v5.5.04 patch to plain
v5.0 database. BTW, SQL Anywhere starts up just fine as does ISQL for it
and MS Access is able to access the sample database via ODBC. So SQL
Anywhere works okay as far as I can tell.

I have
   g:\sybtools\win32            installed by Adaptive Server

I've tried copying dbtl50t.dll from  g:\progs\sqlany50\win32 to both
g:\progs\sybtools\win32 and g:\sybtools\win32 and that didn't help.

I've tried re-running the SQLA v5.5.04 patch several times and also
tried telling it to update into either of the sybtools\win32

I've tried putting the various directories at the front of the PATH
statement. One thing I've noticed though: SQL Anywhere puts its paths on
the local User Variables PATH and Adaptive Server puts its paths in the
System Variables Path.

I've also just  tried re-installing SQL Anywhere v5.0 and overwriting
the v5.5.04 patch files. As a result, when I try to start SQL Anywhere's
copy of SQL Central it now gives an error of "The instruction at
00407f3b referenced memory at 77656966. The memory could not be read
from". But then re-installing the patches causes that error to stop

Also, running regedt32.exe my registry looks reasonable:
   HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Sybase\Sybase Tools has
       Location: REG_SZ: g:\progs\sqlany50
    This is a result of my last attempt at reinstalling the v5.5.04
patches to have SQL Central go in with SQL Anywhere.
   this registry has also been:
       Location: REG_SZ: g:\progs\sybtools\win32
       Location: REG_SZ: g:\sybtools\win32
   and in neither case did it help things.
   HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Sybase\Sybase Central\Providers has
       NetImpact Dynamo : REG_SZ : g:\progs\sqlany50\win32\scnetimp.dll
       Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise : REG_SZ :
       Sybase SQL Anywhere : REG_SZ :

One other thing: When typing PATH at the command line it only shows the
stuff from the System Variables PATH statement. It doesn't show the
stuff from my particular user. I don't know NT all that well so I don't
know if that is normal.

I've tried many other things that I'm not going to repeat since my
message is already rather long.

I'm open to suggestions for other things to try and I'll let you know if
I've already tried them ;<

5/2/1998 9:30:30 PM
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I have ASE 11.5, SQL Anywhere 5.5.03 and PowerDesigner 6.1 installed. 
Works fine.  A lot of good that does you though.  You have gone through
just about everything I would have tried, and a few more.  I would have
thought that reinstalling SQL Anywhere & the 5.5.04 upgrade would have
taken care of it.

About the only difference in what you have and what I have is that on my
system I only have one sybtools\win32 directory instead of the two that you
Jim Egan [TeamPS]
Dealer Solutions, LLC
Houston, TX

5/2/1998 11:17:40 PM

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