SQL Anywhere stops working when using remote a remote database with proxy tables

I am using SQLAnywhere Version 7.0.03.

I moved a number of tables from my master database to a second database 
using the proxy tables feature. 

My application no longer works properly. Prior to making the above change, 
we have operated for several years with no problems. 

What now happens in our mult-user system is we will doing some sort of 
database access (e.g. one user is doing an insert of blob data and another 
is selecting data (from a different table)) and everything gets hung up.

I read the documentation about proxy tables and there was the following 

"Queries blocked on themselves:

If you access multiple databases on a single Adaptive Server Anywhere 
server, you may need to increase the number of threads used by the database 
server on Windows NT using the -gx command-line switch.

You must have enough threads available to support the individual tasks that 
are being run by a query. Failure to provide the number of required tasks 
can lead to a query becoming blocked on itself."

I have a number of questions:

1.  How can I find what the current value is for the -gx setting?  (Your 
documentation says number of CPUs + 1).  I would like to confirm this by 
querying the server.

2.  If I am running HyperThreading on a 2 physical CPU box, should -gx be 
set to 5?  I had exactly the same problem I described with the proxy tables 
occur on a Dell 2650 with HyperThreading on.  I fixed that problem by 
turning HyperThreading off.  I am now thinking that the real fix may be to 
use the -gx command.

3.  Is there any technical article that discusses operating system threads 
and proper use of the -gx command?

4.  Can you run into problems by setting -gx to too big a number?

5.  For the case I have, a 2 CPU machine, one dbsrv7 accessing two 
databases (my master one and the second one which has proxy tables), is the 
fix for my problem to set -gx to 4? 

6.  Is the -gx command even the right thing to be looking at for by queries 
not responding problem or should I be looking at something else.


Ray Kincaid
ABS Consulting

10/21/2002 1:40:26 AM
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