Powerbuilder 5 to Powerbuilder 10

Hi all

We have migrated our application from powerbuilder 5 to powerbuilder 10. 
after migration to version 10, alignment in most of reports disturbed.
please advice me some solution. 

2/29/2008 11:45:01 AM
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On Fri, 29 Feb 2008 12:45:01 +0100, Adnan Jamil <adnanjamil@nji.com.pk>  

> Hi all
> We have migrated our application from powerbuilder 5 to powerbuilder 10.  
> after migration to version 10, alignment in most of reports disturbed.
> please advice me some solution.


Is this a SQL Anywhere question?
If not, you have posted to the wrong forum.
If yes, can you be a bit more specific? What did the reports look like  
before, and how are they looking after the migrtion? Which exact version  
of SQL Anywhere are you using?

2/29/2008 1:22:58 PM

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Hi it�s possible migrate or export a dw from pocket 2.5 to powerbuilder 10.5...? When i try to import the dw to powerbuilder show: error syntax column 60 Thanks Karla Karla; Yes, I complained about this in the ISUG "enhancement sessions" at Techwave 2007. I think that Sybase needs to better coordinate PB & PK release features so that it becomes transparent to import or export any component. What I ended up doing (like in your case) is exporting the DW source and editing out the offending feature syntax (pain in the ass though). -- Regards ... Chri...

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Join the PowerBuilder 10.0 Beta Team! PowerBuilder is getting ready for the 10.0 release and would like to invite you to join the Beta Team! The exciting new developments you will have early access to as a member of the Beta Team include: Unicode support DataWindow.NET Object Oriented Modeling with PowerDesigner plug-in UDDI search ADO.NET support NETXML Web Datawindow Your participation in the beta test cycle is an opportunity to provide valuable feedback to engineering regarding the quality and capabilities of this release. As a member of the team, you will learn from the e...

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I just upgrade to PowerBuilder 10.5.1 from PowerBuilder 9 with Appeon 5.0. I installed all EBF's and on one of my reports with nested datawindows, that worked perfectly before, now gives a -1 on the retrieve. Also it works perfectly just running the application form inside of power builder. Any suggestions. Hi It seems you also send an email to Appeon tech support and following is my answer. The problem should be caused by using an Appeon incompatible PBVM. Appeon certified build for PB 10.5 is but 10.5.1 plus. Since this is an Appeon Java-script deployed appli...

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