Fatal error: database error

On occasion our one of our database servers running at an offsite location
starts displaying the following message:
Fatal error: database error

While this is displayed, users are unable to connect to the database server.

Most of the time, the support team there has restarted the server and things
then work fine.  In one instance we have documented the messages leading up
to this error, as follows:

15:13:21 Finished checkpoint: Sat Mar 06 1999 15:13
15:26:19 User:APPdata1 disconnected
15:26:19 Database: \\servername\dir\data1.db stopped
15:26:19 dba:APPdata2 disconnected
15:26:19 Database: \\servername\dir\data2 stopped
15:26:19 Fatal error: database error
15:25:19 Fatal error: database error
15:56:28 Fatal error: database error
09:15:54 Fatal error: database error

The first messages are consistent with the last user in the system logging
out, where they are connected to one database file as their user ID and
three others as "dba".  So normally, we would see data3 and data4 being
disconnected and stopped.

As of yet this has not occurred at other locations, so we strongly suspect
the hardware, or perhaps an unauthorized change in configuration.  Any
assistance in trouble-shooting would be greatly appreciated.

Eric Speicher

3/11/1999 6:15:02 PM
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According to Tech Support this may be fixed in build 1905.  Contact Tech 
Support to obtain the EBF.
Jim Egan [TeamPS]
Dynamic Data Solutions, Inc. http://www.dyn-data.com
Houston, TX

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                      JumpStart '99 Enterprise Solutions Conference

3/11/1999 8:15:10 PM

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