Convertion numbers to strings

 I have some numbers in data type "Numeric". The task is to write expression
wich combines prefix, number and suffix. The number must have no spare
zero's on tale. Linke in example:
  "NDS 20%"
  "SN   1.5%"
  "ANT 0.25%"
The slyboot server makes all the numbers with the same length of fract.
part. like "20.00000" and I couldn't cope with this for two weeks already.

7/13/1998 1:47:48 PM
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I don't know of a way to do that in SQL Anywhere.
Jim Egan [TeamPS]
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7/14/1998 1:07:28 AM

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Hello, I have to read and write some number-values form/to the ultralite-DB. In the reference-DB (Sybase) the fields are defined as numeric(16,6). I have tried the following in CodeWarrier: 1) Defne the fields in the sql declare section as static char fieldname[17]. This works for download / upload, and showing the values. But if I have to UPDATE the table I get an SQLE_CONVERSION_ERROR 2) Define the fields as DECL_DECIMAL(16,6). Now I can't show the value and can't get the Palm-field and write it to the defined variable because I have only found a sample code to get and...

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