connection problems to SQL Anywhere Server from SQL client via netbios and ODBC

    I have a user with an NT 4.0 server and windows 95 clients.  The error
when attempting the connection of the SQL client to SQL server is Unable to
Start, Server not found, which I personally have seen at least 1000 times in
supporting our app with SQL Anywhere.  If I use the -z -o switch and write
the verbage to a text file, netbios starts successfully, but near the bottom
of the file, the following lines appear:

NETBIOS -- Trying connection on Lan Adapter: 0
NETBIOS -- Failure  to connect on lan adapter: 0
NETBIOS -- Looking for name on lan adapter: 0
NETBIOS -- Name not found on lan adapter: 0
NETBIOS -- Control code: 5 -- Command timed out
NETBIOS -- Finding by adding on lan adapter: 0
Unable to start -- Server not found.

Here is the syntax for the dbclient

dbclient -x netbios{maxlana=8} EXP50SRV

EXP50SRV is the name of the server.

Anyone seen anything like this before?


Steve Ayotte
Primavera Systems Inc

5/19/1998 8:51:11 PM
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I'm not very good with Netbios.  I don't think you need maxlana=8 when
using DBCLIENT.  I believe that only DBCLIENW needs it.

We only used TCP/IP and IPX.  If you have NT and 95 you might want to try
Jim Egan [TeamPS]
Dealer Solutions, LLC
Houston, TX

5/20/1998 12:22:27 AM