Connection from PowerBuilder connects to Internet

We have a client who has experienced a problem I've seen posted on this
forum but can't find now.

When they connect with our application to SQLAnywhere, they're getting their
connect to AOL dialog.  They can cancel out and everything works.  I
remember that it's a problem with their version of the winsock.dll, but I
don't remember the recommended solution.

Thanks for you help,

James Clanton

3/14/2000 8:36:49 PM
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>When they connect with our application to SQLAnywhere, they're getting their
>connect to AOL dialog.  They can cancel out and everything works.  I
>remember that it's a problem with their version of the winsock.dll, but I
>don't remember the recommended solution.

AOL probably installed a custom wsock32.dll.  You'll need to get a standard one somewhere.  And send
a letter of complaint to AOL!

Leo Tohill - Team Sybase
>> Please post in newsgroup, not via email <<
3/15/2000 4:28:12 AM
If the new WinSock driver doesn't prove to be the 
problem check this registry key:

on\Internet Settings\EnableAutodial        

It controls the AutoDial setting.

Jim Egan [TeamSybase]
Houston, TX

Sybase Developers Network
3/20/2000 3:02:32 AM

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