Separation of Server administrators and Database administrators

Currently there is no separation between database administrators and service 
administrators. Any administrator of any running database can start and stop 
each other database and even worse, can stop the network server instance. In 
many installations this is just not acceptable. For example, if there are 
two departments running "their" databases on a shared network server 
instance, the network server's administrator doesn't like the idea that 
department A can shut down department B's databases. Also he is not happy 
that any database server administrator can (by incident or by intention) 
shut down the network server instance.

In several other DBMS, there is a clear separation between the administrator 
of the network server, and the administrators of each single database. 
Neither can the database administrators stop the network service nor any 
other database but the one they are defined in, nor can the network 
administrators look inside the data or schema of a particular database. This 
is a big benefit for stability, safety and security.

After eleven versions of SQL Anywhere I think now there is the time that SQL 
Anywhere learns the difference between database administrators and network 

Please add this separation to SQL Anywhere 12.


11/15/2008 4:56:25 PM
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