Could it be possible to take scripts from ASA and load them in an ASE

Any information is welcome


3/20/2000 4:46:42 PM
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ASA supports a fairly large sub-set of Transact-SQL, so if you write your
stored procedures and triggers in ASA using T-SQL, you should be able to
create scripts that will run against both ASE and ASA.  If you're planning
to do this though, I would suggest developing your database schema against
ASA, since everything you write in T-SQL in ASA will be supported on ASE,
but the reverse is not true.

Check out the section in the ASA documentation entitled "Transact SQL

Reg Domaratzki
Sybase Mobile and Embedded Computing Division
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"Jean-Fran�ois Pasquasy" <> wrote in message
> Could it be possible to take scripts from ASA and load them in an ASE
> Any information is welcome
> jean-fran�ois

3/20/2000 6:10:51 PM

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