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28 June 2008: Recent updates at

The second edition of "The Complete Sybase Replication Server
Quick Reference Guide" (also known as the 'green book') is
now in sight.
I've received many questions when this would be available, but
I had to wait for RepServer version 15.1 to be released by Sybase
since I wanted to cover the latest available versions.
As 15.1 finally came out last week (later than originally
expected), I'm expecting the second
edition to be available around mid-July -- stay tuned.
In the mean time, check out the table of contents of the
second edition here:

This month's quiz question is about a way to find the Nth
largest value in a range:

In the mean time, my other two books are still available:

- The 4th edition of the well-known 'purple book' "The Complete
  Sybase ASE Quick Reference Guide" is updated for ASE 12.5.4
  and 15.0.1:

- The 2nd edition of "Tips, Tricks & Recipes for Sybase ASE" has
  been updated for ASE 15.0 and is a must-have when you're upgrading to ASE 
  The 2nd edition is fully updated and has 80 pages of additional material
  compared with the first edition:

Rob Verschoor

Certified Sybase Professional DBA for ASE 15.0/12.5/12.0/11.5/11.0
and Replication Server 15.0.1/12.5 // TeamSybase

Author of Sybase books (order online at
"Tips, Tricks & Recipes for Sybase ASE" (ASE 15 edition)
"The Complete Sybase ASE Quick Reference Guide"
"The Complete Sybase Replication Server Quick Reference Guide"
Sypron B.V., Amersfoort, The Netherlands

6/29/2008 6:58:51 PM
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