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Does anyone know how to set the font for a RTE programmatically?
            ---- AND ----
How can you tell in a script how far a RTE has been scrolled

8/15/1998 12:58:41 AM
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Hi Paul,

There should be an easier way of setting the font size for RTE controls,
but I have not found it yet.  The code below will change the font size
for the entire window.  I don�t know how to change it for selected
text.  Give this a try.  Hope it works.

String ls_init_rtf
ls_init_rtf =  '{\rtf1{\fonttbl{\f0\froman Tms Rmn;}}'
ls_init_rtf =  ls_init_rtf + "{\f0\fs24\cf0\up0\dn0 a big brown house }"
+ '}'

//  The characters in the { are RTF escape characters.  You can format
your whole document using these if // you want.

// Code to increase font size......for detail

Next you would add code to load your document.

As for your other question.  I don't know.

Travis Culbreth

Paul Drust wrote:

> Does anyone know how to set the font for a RTE programmatically?
>             ---- AND ----
> How can you tell in a script how far a RTE has been scrolled

9/22/1999 12:17:03 PM

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