Powerbuilder 10 and MAPI does not work, works in PB 7


I have a powerbuilder application that uses MAPI to send e-mails using the
customers e-mail client.
Customer uses Netscape 4.7
With Powerbuilder 7.0, everything worked fine. Now with PB 10, the mailLogon
function always fails.

With PB 7 it works with Netscape, Outlook and Outlook Express.

With PB 10, it does NOT work with Netscape and Outlook Express.
It works with Outlook 2000, but only if I put the real e-mail address in
both 'name' and 'address'

Problem is: customer definitely uses Netscape.

Anyone has any ideas ? Perhaps something to do with PB 10 working in Unicode
or with different MAPI versions ?


10/8/2004 1:36:44 PM
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