How to copy table from one database to another database ?

Hello to you,
I'm uisng pb8

How to copy some rows from customer table in (ABC database) to customer 
table in (XYZ databases)

the selection row is :
select * from customer where startdate = 2002-06-15

Please show me the code, step by step

6/17/2002 2:30:37 AM
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On Sun, 16 Jun 2002 22:30:37 -0400, steven wrote:

>Hello to you,
>I'm uisng pb8
>How to copy some rows from customer table in (ABC database) to customer 
>table in (XYZ databases)
>the selection row is :
>select * from customer where startdate = 2002-06-15
>Please show me the code, step by step


Which DBMS?  Are the databases on the same server?

In some cases you can just qualify the tables with database.owner

insert into database_b.dba.customer (select * from customer where
startdate = 2002-06-15)

If that doesn't work you can use a pipeline object.

  Boris Gasin [TeamSybase]
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6/17/2002 9:06:31 AM

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