Updating data from a view with AppM generated application


When creating web-site from a very simple PDM View in Appmodeller,
resulting web pages do not allow updating - although Updateable was
toggled on in the model generation options. I understand that updating
from some Views may be difficult owing to complexity of the code, and
hence may be beyond the software. The test  I tried only included one
table with two fields.

Am I missing something obvious?


Tony Pfitzner

3/2/1998 4:15:06 AM
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Tony Pfitzner wrote:

> Hi
> When creating web-site from a very simple PDM View in Appmodeller,
> resulting web pages do not allow updating - although Updateable was
> toggled on in the model generation options. I understand that updating
> from some Views may be difficult owing to complexity of the code, and
> hence may be beyond the software. The test  I tried only included one
> table with two fields.
> Am I missing something obvious?
> Regards
> Tony Pfitzner

Hi Tony,

I'm afraid you're not missing anything.  AppModeler for the Web, in its
current release, doesn't allow view updates, regardless of  the
complexity or simplicity of the view.

However, to work around this limitation and allow updates for simple
views (that is, views based on a single table and containing the primary
key), you can create another model containing a table with the same name
as your view and the same definition. Then use this model to generate
Web pages based on your view-table. It's not convenient but it
works...(Of course, don't use this model to generate the database

Howie Friedman

3/6/1998 2:35:18 AM

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