PowerDesigner COM Model

A Sybase/PowerDesigner Objects (COM library) exists and can be used with
VB/C++ to manage "wam" files. There is no associated documentation on this
library (hlp, doc). Any clue where to find this stuff and/or how to use this
library ?

Stephane Heckel
Ardent Software

ps : please cc stephane.heckel@ardentsoftware.com with your answer.
9/26/1999 3:01:19 PM
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You might need to talk to tech support for this.  They want to control who
gets into the internals.  I know it isn't just given out to everyone.


Michael F. Nicewarner [TeamSybase]

Stephane Heckel <stephane.heckel@ardentsoftware.com> wrote in message
> A Sybase/PowerDesigner Objects (COM library) exists and can be used with
> VB/C++ to manage "wam" files. There is no associated documentation on this
> library (hlp, doc). Any clue where to find this stuff and/or how to use
> library ?
> Regards
> Stephane Heckel
> Ardent Software
> ps : please cc stephane.heckel@ardentsoftware.com with your answer.

9/28/1999 9:36:05 PM

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