Moving objects out of a BPM - handling shortcuts

I want to separate my large model into multiple smaller
models. I want to do this by moving the similar process
workflows into separate BPMS. What i notice is that the
roles, resources and business rules are copied (shortcuts
are created). Although this keeps traceability and linkage
from the new sub-model into the parent model, i want firstly
to prevent users from deleting or modifying the shortcuts
for roles, resources or biz rules that might impact the
parent model objects.
Secondly, I want to make sure legitimate operations like
shortcut updates (deletions) are applied to the main model.
Both constraints/needs seem to be the opposite of each other
and i want to ensure I can achieve applying one of the
constraints if not both at the same time.
11/17/2010 8:42:37 PM
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There is no concept to prevent an object from deletion in PD
In your case i would use the PD Repository to limit the user
to do changes in a model and to manage different versions.
As well you can use the package concept which enables you to
limit a user to specific packages during check in / check
11/18/2010 2:35:35 PM