Informix 8, xps 8.5 DBMS Table Type and Index type

Is there anyone using Informix 8.5 xps that have an updated
.xdb file you would like to share?

For example; how to work with table types (raw, operational,
standard, static) when generating and especially reverse

and also Index types.

Many thanks in advance,
10/14/2004 8:43:50 AM
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Sorry, but I don't have that XDB.
However, adding the table type isn't a huge effort.
First, clone the current Informix V8 XDB file, naming the new one 8.5xps 
or something.
Edit the clone.
Right-click on Profile/Shared, and add new Extended Attribute Type.
Name the new attribute type as "XPSTableTypes".
Add the 4 values "RAW", "OPERATIONAL", etc. in your preferred order, and 
select a default.

Right-click on Profile, and add Table.
Right-click on Table, and add a new Extended Attribute.
Name the new attribute "TableType"
Select the data type as "XPSTableTypes".

Now you will be able to assign the table types to your tables.

Next we need to let it generate the new table types.
Expand Script/Objects/Table.
Select the Create item.
The first line of the Value reads:
    create table [%QUALIFIER%]%TABLE% (
Between "create" and "table", insert this:
    [ %TableType%]
The line now reads:
    create[ %TableType%] table [%QUALIFIER%]%TABLE% (

That will generate the correct DDL.

Now, you want to be able to reverse engineer the table type.  I'm not 
sure what the query is to retrieve that from the system catalog, but you 
would want to edit the Script/Objects/Table value for SqlListQuery.  It 
is currently empty.  I'm not sure why.  If you look at other DBMS 
entries, like Sybase ASA9, you will see others that include an extended 
attribute in the query.  Let me know the query and I'll see what I can 
do to finish this out.

It may seem like a lot, but it is pretty cool that you can customize the 
support for each DBMS like this.

Mike Nicewarner [TeamSybase]
mike@nospam! (can you figure what to remove?)
Sybase product enhancement requests:

Inger wrote:
> Hi!
> Is there anyone using Informix 8.5 xps that have an updated
> xdb file you would like to share?
> For example; how to work with table types (raw, operational,
> standard, static) when generating and especially reverse
> engeneering?
> and also Index types.
> Many thanks in advance,
> Inger
10/16/2004 10:25:38 AM
it works.

Haven't got the select for reverse engineering of this in
the informix system tables yet.

I also managed to add indextype gk as follows:
a. Added Script_>Objects			added IndexType  with gk
b. Added Profile->Index->Extended Attributes	added
ExtGKSelect with datatype text
c. Changed Script_>Objects->Table->Create		create
create  [%UNIQUE%] [%CLUSTER%] index [%QUALIFIER%]%INDEX% on
create [%INDEXTYPE%] [%UNIQUE%] [%CLUSTER%] index
(%CIDXLIST% [%ExtGKSelect%])[%OPTIONS%]
d. To use in model:
On Index for the table select the gk index type.
Write Select statement  in Extended Atributes ExtGKSelect.
For example:
create gk index ordersgender on SALES (select as key
c.gender from SALES s, CUSTOMER c where s.cid = c.cid)

I hope this is the right way to add it.
10/20/2004 8:01:57 AM

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