how to create a user object in a user object

how to create a user object in a user object dynamically ?

I want create an object  row focus indicator (p_focusindicator), in an
userobject datawindow.
But i use in userobject datawindow this code:

ip_focusindicator = create p_focusindicator

Do you know the solution ?


2/11/2000 8:51:12 AM
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You're in the wrong newsgroup.  This a PowerDesigner newsgroup not a
PowerBuilder newsgroup.  You want to be in

With that being said, I do know the answer to your questions.  First off,
you cannot create a userobject within another userobject dynamically, but I
don't think you need or want to do that.  Just place your picture object on
the window at runtime.  Then just call SetRowFocusIndicator and pass that
picture object.

For future reference, if you do want to create a picture control dynamically
use the OpenUserObject function instead of the create statement.


> how to create a user object in a user object dynamically ?
> I want create an object  row focus indicator (p_focusindicator), in an
> userobject datawindow.
> But i use in userobject datawindow this code:
> ip_focusindicator = create p_focusindicator
> SetRowFocusIndicator(ip_focusindicator)
> Do you know the solution ?
> Thanks
> Mikael

2/11/2000 9:34:09 PM

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