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Need help on how to get values in an XML file. My XML would
something like the one I attached.  Depending on the input
status attribute (success or fail), I would need to retrieve
the UnallocatedQuantity value.  I was able to go as far as
checking the attribute value, but couldn't quite figure out
how to get the value for the quantity.  The code I tried
just keeps on returning the 1st one it found.  Please help.


//Load XML File

xml_node_list = xmldom.SelectNodes("//Input")
li_length = integer(xml_node_list.length) - 1
FOR i = 0 to li_length
	xml_node = xml_node_list.item(i)
	ls_attribute =xml_node.getAttribute("status")
	IF TRIM(lower(ls_attribute)) = "success" THEN
		xml_doc =
                s_text = xml_doc.NodeTypedValue
            //Set Quantity to 0
        END IF

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