Help - Passing .NET Types as Powerscript Function Parameters

Hello Everyone,

I=92m seeking assistance from those who may have used the
XMLDocument class to generate XML output. I=92m having
problems defining .NET types as parameters in Powerscript
methods. Given that .NET types need to be enclosed in an #if
defined ... #end if block, is there a way I can define such
types as function parameters in Powerscript? And, as a side
issue, it appears one has to declare variables for .NET
types using fully qualified names. I have imported the
System, System.XML, etc. into my project. However, using
relative names for .NET types to define variables doesn't
seem to work for me. I=92m using PB11.5.1 Build 4011 on
Windows XP sp2 to develop a Windows Forms SmartClient
See code snippet below.

Greatly appreciate your help.


< code snippet >
#if not defined PBNATIVE then
	@System.Xml.XmlNode      in_node, in_root, in_body
	@System.Xml.XmlDocument	 in_document
	@System.Xml.XmlAttribute in_attribute
	@System.Xml.XmlElement	 in_element
#end if

#if not defined PBNATIVE then
	XmlNode  in_node, in_root, in_body
	XmlDocument	in_document
	XmlAttribute    in_attribute
	XmlElement	in_element
#end if
</ code snippet >
11/4/2009 11:32:15 PM
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