Element attribute order

Hi guys,
I'm trying to export a DW to XML (SaveAs), on PB10. I
managed to create the elements I need on the Export Template
for the DW (right clicking an element and choosing "add/edit
Now, I can't get the elements to be sorted the way I created
them. Seems like attributes with "smaller" names get to be
first on the list, even if I edit source the DW.

For instance: If I create an attribute named "attribute1",
and then another name "attrib2", always the second one gets
to be first on the list! If I rename "attrib2" to
"attribute2", then it's moved to the second position.

The thing is that the attributes I have to generate were
given in a certain order, and I have to preserve that. Is it

Thanks all!

Example of the result I want:
<DocTXB attribute1="ShouldBeFirst" attrib2="ShouldBeSecond">
But what I get is:
<DocTXB attrib2="ShouldBeSecond" attribute1="ShouldBeFirst">
2/17/2010 7:33:40 PM
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