Create DW form a XSD File

Hello All
I need to create a xml string to send as parameter to a WebService
i have only the xsd definition
for a simple case i create a external dw then modify the XML template,
fill the DW then get the xml and send it to the WebService, it works
now i have a XSD with more than 100 elements and i'm searching for a
way to create the DW from the xsd file instead of add every element by
hand to the external DW
anyone have any tricks or tools to do it
10/13/2009 12:32:58 PM
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Hello friends, I have xml file which has been generated from MS-access 2007........So I have the XSD for the above XML file.......Also I have xsd of the required XML file with my tags...........Also the XML database is very huge so is there any way I can convert the XML file into diff XML using XSD which I require.....Please guide me...ThanksHemil.  Hi Hemil, Here is a straightforward way: 1.  Generate proxy class from both source XSD and target XSD from existing Schemas. 2. Load original xml into proxy class for source XSD. 3. Manually fill the target proxy cl...

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Hi,I'm creating an XML file on the fly (on a webpage) which I then want to validate programmatically against an XSD file.I've searched this forum and googled it, but nothing turns up apart from C# code. Does anybody have any tips / tutorials etc in VB that I can look at ?ThanksJames Take a look at the below links HCHaissam Abdul MalakMCAD.NET| Blog | Hi Haissam,Great links thank you !!!!James Glad to hear it helped you.. Please mark it as answered for the sake of other us...

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can you create the xsd from an xml file using visual studio 2003?thanks for help Ya, sure. You can create a XML file then, you go to the main menu bar --> XML --> Create Schema If your XML file is well-formed the xsd file will be created. If not, an error will be displayed. ...

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