Powerbuilder to Java

Will the component factory enable me to migrate my Powerbuilder
Application to real Java Code ?
Will this work for nonvisual and for visual objects ?  I need to migrate
my Powerbuilder Application to Java because
it should work on IBM NCs without Winframe.

Please help me. Thanks a lot !!!!

3/6/1998 5:29:34 PM
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Erwin Selg wrote:

> Will the component factory enable me to migrate my Powerbuilder
> Application to real Java Code ?
> Will this work for nonvisual and for visual objects ?  I need to migrate
> my Powerbuilder Application to Java because
> it should work on IBM NCs without Winframe.
> Please help me. Thanks a lot !!!!

The Java Bean Proxy generator that will be released with 6.0.01 is a "Proxy"
generator. So this does not migrate the PowerBuilder application to Java
code. What the Java Bean generator will do is, generate Java stubs. Using
this stubs, you can write Java client code that can call methods on a DPB
Server. This is only non-visual stuff.

You may see much more Java offerings in the next release.

Ajit Sabnis      ***  Architecture for the New Enterprise  ***
Sybase Inc.               ***  PowerBuilder 6.0  ***

3/17/1998 2:30:01 PM

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