dddw's on html dw's

I have an html dw that has a dddw control on it.  The purpose of this dddw
is to provide the user the ability to select 'vendors' that are relative to
the 'vendor item' the user is trying to add to the database. In order for
this to work correctly, the dddw must have retrieval arguments set that only
pull the vendors that are relative to that user - client # and store #. Both
of these fields exist on the vendor table - which populates the dddw -
and the vendor item table - which is what the user is updating.

My problem is that I cannot seem to establish a link between the primary
html dw - which already has these variables declared - and the dddw - which
uses the exact same retrieval arguments.

We are running EA Studio 3.5 C3 and utilizing PowerDynamo as our app server.
I've tried scripting it on the html page that invokes the html dw but to no

Would anyone happen to have any ideas or examples of how to do this?

I'd appreciate ANY response or recommendations.


Brad McLeod

1/12/2001 3:45:54 AM
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