How to get nested dw(report) column count and set column property at

How to get nested dw(report) column count and set column property at

7/29/1998 12:32:51 PM
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In article <>, says...
> How to get nested dw(report) column count and set column property at
> runtime?
Please see my response in the dw newgroup. Please do not post the same 
question in multiple newgroups.
John Strano 

Have a heart,
7/29/1998 7:05:37 PM

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Get nested dw(report) column count ?
How to get nested dw(report) column count and set column property at runtime? In article <>, says... > How to get nested dw(report) column count and set column property at > runtime? > > ll_count = Upperbound ( <DW Control Name>.Object.<Reportname>.Object.<col_name> ) <DW Control Name>.Object.<Reportname>.Object.<col_name>.<property_name> = somevalue -- John Strano [TeamPS] Have a heart,

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A similar message to this was posted tuesday, but I am no longer able to find it on the newsgroup. It went something like... ------------------------- We want to use a multilevel nested report and share data with lower level column objects (in this case dddw). The reply from PS was to make sure you were using a composite report, then modify the dddw's edit style of the lower level objects and change them to ddlb's and then set the values. ------------------------- I am having trouble getting started on this. I can use dw_1.describe('datawindow.objects') to get a li...

When is a column not a column?
I have several extremely similar datawindows that I have to maintain that go against the same table. Recently, I had to add a column to that table, and also add the column to ALL of these datawindows that go against this table. I added the column to the first datawindow, set up the edit control style, etc. I then did a copy/paste of the columns edit control to the remaining dw's (of course remembering to first add the column in SQL). Everything (update props, column specs, column props) seems to indicate that the pasted column is linked to the column I selected, HOWEVER, when I...

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I need to get Visible property of a DW column, which is a VARIABLE (CAN NOT use dot notation) for a specific DW row. It has to be in a script, can not use DW expression for that. I'm probably missing something simple. Thanks in advance. So why can't you use dot notation again...? I missed that part.... Austin <lt> wrote in message news:C6A9A11A50AD4B09004B7AA985256D4F.004B7ADA85256D4F@webforums... > I need to get Visible property of a DW column, which is a VARIABLE (CAN NOT > use dot notation) for a specific DW row. > > It has to be in a scr...

get column value in DW expression without column name
Hi everyone! I've got a common experssion that I'd like to put on every bold column property: I'd like set the column font to bold if the previous column value is equal to the current. As I have many columns, even dynamic columns, I don't know their name in order to set an expression like this: "if (col_name = col_name[-1], ...)" So any idea? Hi Matthieu, get all object names using the expression "datawindow.objects", split this tab separated list into single object names, check every object wether it is a column using the expression &quo...

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We are using Sybase Adaptive Server V. 11.5 with patch level SWR7830 Rollup. We have the following table in our database that is experiencing the problem. When we update any of the numeric(10,0) columns, the tinyint COLUmn is getting changed from it's current value of 0 or 1 to NULL, even though we are not updating the tinyint field. You can do the update directly from SQL Advantage and the problem still occurs. So the problem is not with our software or the ODBC driver: create table dbo.Instructors_Detail ( ICDID numeric(10, 0) identity, InstructorID numeric(10, 0) not null,...

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Cannot set column. The value violates the MaxLength limit of this column (where to find properties).
HowdyRan across this older thread, but since it's been marked "solved" I don't know if it will be filtered out for some. am having the same problem. I increased the column in SQL2005 from nvarchar(100) to nvarchar(500) but I'm still getting the error whenever the # of characters goes over 100.I am using a TableAdapter + logic layer as an Object Data Source and I don't know where to look to reset/change the properties in order to pickup the new field size.I have rebuilt the the site and seen no change - if any has a pointer I woul...

DW Painter
In the Datawindow Painter, I notice underneath inconveniences 1. When one wants to change the name of a not visible column (the dw column, not the DB column name), one need to insert, rename and remove it. It would be more convenient to be able to change the name of the column in the column specification. 2. When adding a column to your SQL syntax in a datawindow, it is automatically added to the detail band, but the default color and border settings (as in the DW creation wizard) are not applied. 1. You can do that. When you select a column in the column specification, it wi...

Get height of column with autosize property set
Is there a way to get the actual value of the height of a column, that has the autosize property set ? TIA Kurt Gygax You can only get the original size that was defined in the painter. Sanjiv. "Kurt Gygax" <> wrote in message > Is there a way to get the actual value of the height of a column, that has > the autosize property set ? > > TIA > > Kurt Gygax > > Technically this is not true, I provided an example several times, check this:

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