Welcome to the PowerBuilder.General newsgroup

Welcome to the Powersoft sponsored newsgroup for general PowerBuilder 
questions. While we encourage you to look around forums.powersoft.com to 
find a newsgroup that most precisely fits the topic of your question, we 
encourage those whose questions fall between the cracks to post their 
questions here.

While Powersoft controls this newsgroup, there are some 
**MIS**interpretations of that fact that should be avoided:

- "Posting a message means a guaranteed answer from Powersoft." In an 
effort to help PowerBuilder developers help each other become successful, 
Powersoft has created a series of user communities where developers can 
share ideas, problems and solutions. In essence, they have rented the 
hall for us... the type of party this turns out to be is up to us. In 
addition to arranging facilities, Powersoft has "primed the pump", so to 
speak, by arranging for independent software developers, well versed in 
the Powersoft product(s), to join in discussions and attempt to answer 
questions. These TeamPowersoft (or TeamPS) members are not employees of 
Powersoft, but have been bribed with the use of six more letters after 
their names and a promise of 15 seconds of fame every Powersoft User 
Conference ;-). (For more information on TeamPS, visit 
powersoft.public.news.teamps.information) In the past, some of the 
dedicated employees at Powersoft, developers, tech support engineers and 
executives, have shown up in the forums during their off-hours. All this, 
however, does not guarantee an answer. If you are in a crisis situation 
and have to have an answer in short order, my advice to you is to 
investigate an official Powersoft tech support avenue. If you have the 
time to wait for a response and can afford to take the chance, this is an 
excellent first place to try to get an answer.

- "Powersoft wants a forum that it can control so that it can play Big 
Brother." In the 4+ years I've monitored PowerBuilder electronic forums, 
I've never seen Powersoft use its controlling influence to kill a 
discussion with valid criticism. In fact, without knowing the time that 
this message is being read, I can almost guarantee that there is a thread 
raging in one of Powersoft's electronic forums where messages are 
comparing PowerBuilder negatively to its competition. On the other hand, 
since nominated to forum moderator, Sequel the power-hungry techno-kitten 
has intentions of ruling with an iron claw!! To keep Sequel's claws in, 
please refrain from posting any messages that can be categorized (or 
misinterpreted) as any of the following:
- hostile
- personal attacks
- unprofessional
- profanity or other unprofessional language
- spams (identical messages posted to more than one forum)
- advertisements
- reposts
I'm hoping this forum will have an atmosphere of professionalism and 
community. If not, our colleagues will be discouraged from using the 
forum (who wants to spend time reading childish temper tantrums), 
decreasing the number of questions and answers, decreasing the usefulness 
of the forum. I believe you'll find these guidelines to be in your best 

Tips to make the newsgroup work better for everyone:
- Keep messages primarily to questions and answers. Clarifying questions, 
thanks or personal notes should be kept to email. (This keeps the 
bandwidth down for those with slow connections trying to find answers.)
- If you have received one or more answers via email, or have 
subsequently figured out the problem yourself, please share the solution 
as a reply to your original question.
- When posting a problem, please be as specific as possible. Don't forget 
to include your PowerBuilder version, Operating System, GPF modules and 
addresses, and any other information you've gathered in an effort to 
narrow down the problem. Before posting, erase your memory, read your 
question, and see if it leaves any vagueness.
- When posting, create a subject that will help someone with the same 
problem find your message. Subjects like "Help", "Problem" or "GPF in PB" 
are not helpful.
- Reposting a message is not helpful. Bandwidth and, if no one had the 
answer the first time you posted the question, it is unlikely that 
they'll have it the second time.
- When replying, try to include as much of the original message to make 
the problem clear, without re-posting the entire message. (Bandwidth 
versus clarity issue) Assume your message is being read without the 
benefit of seeing the original message.

Once again, welcome. 

Terry Voth [TeamPS] and Sequel the techno-kitten
Your forum moderators
6/12/1997 12:06:35 PM
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