Web PB calls with no return

I have a web page which contains an anchor <A>...</A> which calls a
function in my PB app. The function does a bit of processing but an
update to the user's web page is not necessary. I want the current page
to remain unchanged.

How can I get web-pb to execute the function when the user clicks on the
anchor but not jump them to another page?

9/30/1999 12:08:30 AM
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I open a PB App from a link on a web page (using the ActiveXControl)...that was successful when the user double clicks on a row, I want to open another Browser instance and pass it args.....when done...let the calling window know...and then return to the original Web Page...(all the while interwacting with a Data Base) I realize this is a broad question but...what do I need to use/do/consider/have....etc. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ J. Christopher McCauley PDMS General Physics Corporation (925) 363 9672 (Fax) (925) 363 9669 jc_mccauley@mindspring.com On Fri, 7 Dec ...

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