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Hello - I'm using PB 6.5.  I can't get the selectedtab property to work in any
event. I want a different tabselected to show based on what menu item is
selected.  I have put tab1.selectedtab=X in several events and none of them will
cause ANY tab to be selected and have focus.  Not until one of the tabs is
clicked, does this work.
There seems to be something going on in the opensheet command.  Anyone have any
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11/28/2001 3:12:06 PM
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Have you tried SelectTab()?

Let us know,

Terry [TeamSybase] and Sequel the techno-kitten

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Jim Hawkins <> wrote: 
>Hello - I'm using PB 6.5.  I can't get the selectedtab property to work in any
>event. I want a different tabselected to show based on what menu item is
>selected.  I have put tab1.selectedtab=X in several events and none of them
>cause ANY tab to be selected and have focus.  Not until one of the tabs is
>clicked, does this work.
>There seems to be something going on in the opensheet command.  Anyone have any
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11/28/2001 3:26:47 PM
Selectedtab only returns the index number for the tab that is currently
selected, if you want to SET a specific tab to be selected, you have to use
selecttab(x), where x can be either the Index of the tabpage, the name of the
tabpage object or a string containing the name of it.


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11/28/2001 3:29:46 PM
Andrea and Terry - Thanks!  I had a bizarre work-a-round and I knew there had to
be a easier way.  I couldn't figure why the index and tabselected weren't in

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11/28/2001 10:49:31 PM

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