Stored Procedure - DW problem

I have a DW based on a SP which requests 4 parameters (2 are optional) but
when executing a retrieve (para1, para2, para3, para4) I don't obtain any

The SP is executed OK in mode interactive

What's the problem?



4/9/2001 3:44:08 AM
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Check in detail the value of each one of your parameters. If one of them is
NULL, is probably thay your SP doesn't work.

Good Luck,

Javier Barbieri

"Alejandro G�mez" <> wrote in message
> I have a DW based on a SP which requests 4 parameters (2 are optional) but
> when executing a retrieve (para1, para2, para3, para4) I don't obtain any
> result
> The SP is executed OK in mode interactive
> What's the problem?
> Thanks
> Alejandro

4/9/2001 9:05:46 PM

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I have finally been able to call a stored procedure written in cobol from powerbuilder 6. But I still got some problem . The call will work only if I initialize the output parameter to space (80) because the output parameter of the stored procedure is char(80) . Here is a sample that works. string ls_literal_OUTMSGF string ls_literal_RQT Ls_literal_RQT = 'I' ls_literal_OUTMSGF = space(80) SQLCA.TESTPROC (ls_literal_RQT, ls_literal_OUTMSGF ) If I initialize the output variable like the following statements. It bombs.(communication error) setnull ( ls_literal_OUTMSGF...

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Can you do this? I have a sp that returns a list of eligible accounts and then I use that list in other sp but I don't want to keep copying the code, I would like to be able to use it as a sub query in other sp but I don't know if this is possible or what the syntax would be. Thanks, Aaron You cannot do that directly. You can: 1. Use User defined functions which can return a resultset 2. Use a local #temp table which can hold the resultset of the called stored procedure and use this #temp table in your subsequent processing INSERT #tempTable EXEC s...

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Is it possible to call one sp from another sp?I've been hunting around for an example to do this and just can't seem to find one.Anyone have a link for this or a sample?Thanks all,Zath Yes, you can. Just use EXEC usp_secondStoredProc @params inside your first SP.Nick...

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