Running PB 6.5.1 on Localized Deployment Kit of 6.5.0


Because the Localized Deployment Kit for PB 6.5.1 is not yet available (am I
wrong?), I'am planning to build my application (EXE + PBDs) on PB 6.5.1 and then
use the �old� Localized Deployment Kit of PB 6.5.0 to execute it.

Does someone already try it?

Do you think it will work?


Claude Charest
7/27/1999 3:30:12 PM
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I would not recommend this... I've done it in the past and have had
(seemingly) random GPFs and "Internal PowerBuilder Error, contact Sybase"
errors.  If you decide to do this, test, test, test and then test some more.


Gregory R. George
Ascension Labs, LLC
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Tricks, Tools, and Free Objects.

Claude Charest wrote in message <>...
>Because the Localized Deployment Kit for PB 6.5.1 is not yet available (am
>wrong?), I'am planning to build my application (EXE + PBDs) on PB 6.5.1 and
>use the �old� Localized Deployment Kit of PB 6.5.0 to execute it.
>Does someone already try it?
>Do you think it will work?
>Claude Charest

7/27/1999 3:36:49 PM

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