Rich Text edit control - Sharing Data with Datawindow


When sharing data between a Datawindow and a Rich Text Edit Control, data is
shared between columns (datawindow) and insertfields (Richtext) having same
names.  But this is not the case for computed fields in the datawindow.

Has this been solved for further versions than 5.0?


Gerhard Schmitz

4/26/2000 9:00:07 AM
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You'll never be able to get computed *fields* to sharedata, they don't exist
in the result set (which is actually what is being shared).  In order to get
computed values to share, you would need to make them computed *columns*.

On Wed, 26 Apr 2000 11:00:07 +0200,
 in powersoft.public.powerbuilder.general
Gerhard Schmitz <> wrote: 
>When sharing data between a Datawindow and a Rich Text Edit Control, data is
>shared between columns (datawindow) and insertfields (Richtext) having same
>names.  But this is not the case for computed fields in the datawindow.
>Has this been solved for further versions than 5.0?
>Gerhard Schmitz

Bruce Armstrong [TeamSybase]

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