Rich text edit control formatting


I have inserted a document into a rich text edit control .The problem is
that I am losing all the formatting ie. font size  etc. when I am inserting
it using insertdocument() function of rte.
Could anyone tell me how I can have the formatting in it.


11/6/2002 10:32:10 PM
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What version of RTF is the document you're inserting? PowerBuilder supports
version 1.2 of the RTF standard. Any unsupported formatting is ignored.


"namita goel" <> wrote in message
> Hi,
> I have inserted a document into a rich text edit control .The problem is
> that I am losing all the formatting ie. font size  etc. when I am
> it using insertdocument() function of rte.
> Could anyone tell me how I can have the formatting in it.
> Thanks,
> Namita

11/7/2002 8:30:55 AM

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