Problem Calling PowerBuilder COM objects in MTS from Java

We've created a COM object using Powerbuilder 6.5.  The object, called
"simple" does nothing more than return the integer 123 when we call a method
on it.

We've registered the object using regsvr32, and used JActiveX to create a
Java wrapper for this object.  Finally we created a little Java console app
which calls the object.  This all works fine.

No comes the problem...  When we register the object with MTS, we are no
longer able to call it.  We get a big JView program crash and Dr. Watson
comes up.

However, using Powerbuilder, we have no problem calling the object,
regardless of whether it's registered with MTS or not.

Has anybody tried calling COM objects registered on MTS via Java?  Do we
need to change something when we register it with MTS or when we compile it
with PB?  Any ideas on what we might be missing?

-Bill Chosiad
Acadia Software

6/18/1999 2:12:02 PM
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