PowerSoft Report and nested sub-report

I have an application including pre programmed reports. I want my customers 
to be able to develop their own. I use Infomaker for that, and save the 
report in PSR format.
There is a fonctionality in my aplication where the user can substitute a 
standard report with its own report.
It works well, as far as there is no nested report included in the PSR 
I have seen in the doc that some 'precautions' should be taken to do that, 
but did not realy understood what it means, and what I should do to have it 
I would appreciate some help on that.
Thanks in advance.
Claude (c.verstichel@pmigest.be)
10/13/2002 8:33:09 PM
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I am not entirley sure of the problem you are experiancing, but I am 
interested in what version of PB you are performing the PSR operation. 
There is a problem with 8.0.1 I believe that causes a GPF when opening 
PSRs.  My understanding is that it is fixed in 8.0.2 and 8.0.3.
Please include the version of PB you are using.

- Joe Slawsky (NOSPAMFORME_jslawsky@planetdx.com)
10/14/2002 3:01:30 PM
Still running under PB 6.5.
10/14/2002 7:55:08 PM

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