Powerbuilder - Upgrade from 6.5 to 10.0

Our shop is considering going from version 6.5 to version
10.0.  The upgrade would also include using the new pfc
libraries.  On average, how long should it take to upgrade
an application with 25 pbls, of which 15 are the
PFC,Corporate, and PFC entension layers.

1/13/2005 2:32:10 PM
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I'm not exactly sure what you're after, but the vast majority of your time
should probably be spent, IMHO, on testing and debugging. You're changing the
foundations of your software; any assumptions about what works and what doesn't
should be thrown out (at least in QA theory). You're the best judge of how long
it will take to test your app. And, if you've got weird code that depended on
"undocumented" (buggy) behaviour, then your debugging time is going to be
signficantly higher than any average we could guess at. By the time your done
that, the half hour migrating will seem massively insignificant.

You could download the eval and do a test migration and run, just to get a basic
level of confidence before committing. Just remember: backup, backup, backup....

Good luck,

Terry [TeamSybase] and Sequel the techno-kitten

On 13 Jan 2005 06:32:10 -0800,
 in sybase.public.powerbuilder.general
 <Dean Schmuck> wrote: 

>Our shop is considering going from version 6.5 to version
>10.0.  The upgrade would also include using the new pfc
>libraries.  On average, how long should it take to upgrade
>an application with 25 pbls, of which 15 are the
>PFC,Corporate, and PFC entension layers.
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1/13/2005 3:39:17 PM

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