PowerBuilder pbcatalog's

For the pbcatalog's, can they be created in a separate
Schema or do they have to reside where the main tables are
located in the database?

8/21/2006 9:25:39 PM
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Yes, they can exist in a different schema (as long as that schema is in the 
same physical database).  One of the properties of the connection profile is 
the "PB Catalog Owner".  You just specify the account that owns the PB 
catalog there.

Paul Horan[TeamSybase]

<Thomas Rundo> wrote in message news:44ea2268.3117.1681692777@sybase.com...
> For the pbcatalog's, can they be created in a separate
> Schema or do they have to reside where the main tables are
> located in the database?
> Tom 

8/22/2006 3:23:38 AM

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