PowerBuilder 7 on Windows ME?

Hi All:
Could I use PowerBuilder 7.0.2 on Windows ME platform?


                                                              Anthony Chen

12/28/2000 7:37:16 AM
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I've used it in Win ME and now i'm using 7.0.3., since the upgrade it gives
less protection faults.

"AnthonyChen" <anthonychen@mpinfo.com.tw> escreveu na mensagem
> Hi All:
> Could I use PowerBuilder 7.0.2 on Windows ME platform?
> Thanks
>                                                               Anthony Chen

12/28/2000 11:53:10 AM
windows ME is not yet a certified platform for any version of powerbuilder.
You can use it, but ther is little to no support for it, and there is limit
to the number of controls you can have in an application, just like in
Win95/98.  I recommend going to win NT/2000 platform.  If you do, pb 7.0.2
C3 works best under NT, and 7.0.3 is best and certified for 2000.

Hope this helps

Jonathan Groves
Ferguson and Associates, Inc.

"AnthonyChen" <anthonychen@mpinfo.com.tw> wrote in message
> Hi All:
> Could I use PowerBuilder 7.0.2 on Windows ME platform?
> Thanks
>                                                               Anthony Chen

12/28/2000 5:55:19 PM

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