I have 100 machines running a PB9 app.  Used
dbmssocn.dll/dbnetlib.dll to connect to the database.  Then
app had to be migrated to PB12.  Now I get an 'Unable to
connect to the database' error.  Do I need to install SNC on
every machine or is there a substitute to
1/13/2011 11:15:28 PM
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   Microsoft deprecated "dbnetlib.dll" as they moved into the Unicode world.

Yes, SNC will work well with PB 11 and higher and you need to install the 
client on each PC

Note: SNC is really "fast path" through OLE-DB

FWIW: Personally, MS really blew it by not continuing with a Unicode version 
of dbnetlib.dll
   I love Sybase's ASE. All I need to do is set a environment variable to 
point to the server where the native client DLL's reside and away the 
applications go! So much better than MS's mentality of assuming everyone 
will install all their software on every PC.   :-)

Regards ... Chris
President: OSUG / STD Inc.
Blog: http://chrispollach.blogspot.com
PBDJ: http://chrispollach.sys-con.com
SourceForge: http://sourceforge.net/projects/stdfndclass

"DMF" wrote in message news:4d2f8790.69e0.1681692777@sybase.com...

I have 100 machines running a PB9 app.  Used
dbmssocn.dll/dbnetlib.dll to connect to the database.  Then
app had to be migrated to PB12.  Now I get an 'Unable to
connect to the database' error.  Do I need to install SNC on
every machine or is there a substitute to

1/14/2011 12:44:41 AM

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