PB Web Migration & Web DataWindow Control

Through review of Sybase white papers and attending the last
PowerBuilder developers conference the recommended route for 
migrating a client server PB application to be web based 
(without rewriting or using WDK) is to make use of the Web 
Data Window Control in conjunction with PowerDynamo and Jaguar.

We are considering migrating our application using these tools. 
The application of which I speak is comprised of some 1000 
data windows accessing some 200 tables.  Based on my reading 
and discussion with Sybase staff at the conference, I am told 
that the trick to making this work is to move as much PB script 
as possible into NVOs.  So I understand that will be work to 
convert code and optimize window performance.

Has anyone undertaken a migration like this?  If so, I would 
appreciate feedback on how sucessful this was.  If this is a 
reliable migration methodology I like to find a couple 
reference cases which would prove this a viable solution.

11/29/2000 9:13:51 PM
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